Surreal Bounce-Fante

A Dark Way to End a Surreal Day

We'd done L.A.; Robert Eringer and I, in search of John Fante'. He didn't show up in any of the pictures we took on Skid Row, Downtown L.A., or Hollywood at Musso and Franks.

Finally, on our journey down to Malibu, where America's Most Famous Unknown Author, John Fante, spent his last years slowly decomposing, due to diabetes. We found him waiting; for us at his last and final haunt; the Malibu Inn, Bar and Restaurant.

His final years were spent enjoying country western music, whiskey and rose' wine, according to his son Dan Fante'.

When I took a look inside the Malibu Inn, which was closed and under restoration, I saw what influenced him; a quasi western saloon with a long bar, chandeliers, and western wagons wagging from the ceiling.

Eringer and I deduced this is where he took a liking to country and western music; when hearing one of the many live bands that would play there in the 70's and 80's.
Above the dance floor, front and center, relaxing in the rafters, Dan showed up.