Surreal Bounce Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson's Cat, "Biff" August 3, 2011

At the Bar with Biff
I traveled to Colorado to visit the haunts of Hunter S. Thompson, along with my Surreal Bounce colleague Robert Eringer.  

We entered a time capsule, the Woody Creek Tavern,
At the bar out in the sticks, (the bar Hunter use to hang out at and reap havoc on occasion).

Hunter's dead you know; long gone, by a self inflicted bullet through the head.  His ashes now scattered with a little help from Johnny Depp; (shot into space by a  makeshift cannon).

His  kitty, "Biff,"still has the free run of the joint...coming in and out at will; giving visitors a furry lap dance at his choosing. He is one cool cat!

Photo: Robert Eringer