Photos by Eric Van Gilder

Which Way to Gheel? July 21, 2010

You know your are in an interesting space when the roadsigns are purely profound.

This Open Air Mental Institution gave us much amusement; the more we looked around, the more subtle, and extraordinary occurrences we observed. When Robert Eringer, Floater, Jimmy Harper and I traveled to Belgium we were already on a heightened state of awareness, in search of St. Dymphna's relics.

This road sign pointed us in the right direction... (UP!!)

We made our way to St Amand's Cathedral, (which was closed), However we were lucky to be granted entry into the cathedral by it's president, who, after learning I was an artist showed us his fine marble faux painting on the columns behind the alter. We thought this was the church that would have had Dymphna's bones, but we were off by a mile.

This church, was dedicated to the priest who'd fallen for her in Ireland and literally lost his head over it. (This story will follow).

We appreciated the education of the president, and asked him if he would take a picture of us in front of the alter. What came out in the photo would have a surreal influence on our travels to come. Our Odyssey just kept getting more odd by the minute.

In Spire ation
Gheel Belgium 2004

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Unveiling Day, The Fight for China March 27, 2010

Unveiling day. Thanks to the support and willingness of the members of the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Camarillo, the Unveiling went off without a hitch. They painted the walls a sky blue color with clouds, and hung three other paintings of mine up that were aviation related. (They are seen in the back ground)

Five months ago when I had finished the painting I made contact with the Wings of Fame Museum in Chino California, and asked if they would be willing to fly their P-40 up to Camarillo to be present for the unveiling of my painting, "Tigers Over Kweilin". They responded with an enthusiastic "YES!!".

Spring forward to May 7, 2009, an hour before the ceremony, Chino's P-40 arrived right on time and taxied in to the ramp area of the CAF. She was a beautiful bird, in immaculate condition!

When the time arrived and the guests were seated, a few speeches were made about the history of the America's involvement in the Fight for China, in the lead-up to WWII.

Then it was my turn to speak about the process of what went in to the manifestation of this painting, and what motivated me. I am wearing my Flying Tiger's Association cap signed by Flying Tiger Ace, Dick Rossi.