Metisse Motorcycles

Metisse Motorcycle Commission and UK Landscapes May 22, 2012

It is unusual for me to create a commissioned painting depicting the constructiion of a motorcycle. In this painting Harry Erskine is in process of welding together a frame for a Metisse Motor Cycle, called, the, "Steve McQueen Desert Racer". The blue Green harmony gives the appearance of the visual through a welding mask. The high contrast is pushed to give the optimal affect of chiaroscuro. To get all these affects I utilized a large degree of glazing techniques, pushing and pulling the middle to darker values/tones, then adding the highlights at the end.


Welding Frames

14x18  oil/canvas 2012

Metisse Motorcycle Commission and UK Landscapes May 14, 2012

Hanging out in the Metisse House where the legacy of the Metisse Brand was being created was surreally fun. We wheeled this MK V in to this show room, and then I spent about five hours drawing and configuring the painting on to the little 9x12 panel.  In the end I gained a greater awareness on how motorcycle parts fit together in porportion, without knowing their function.