Artist Trek 2012 Photo: T. Van Stein

Running in to a Long Lost Friend June 12, 2012

I went to lunch yesterday, with my friend and art collector, Gary Breitweiser. We walked down the street to Arnoldi's Restarurnt for some terrific Italian food. This was my first time ever I stepped inside the stone building. There on the wall near the bar was one of my paintings, "Mission Arches Nocturne".

I painted it in 2001 on a winter's night, sold it to a Mr. David Peri, and I haven't seen it since. So here it was, on the wall with a hand full of other paintings that were created by the chef's wife, plus one landscape painting by fellow OAK Group Member, Richard Schloss, also the head of one of the largest bucks (Possibly an Elk) I've ever seen! It was an certainly an ecclectic collection on display. 

An artist never knows what life this has in store for the artwork he/she produces. So, I am resigned; to create, release, then let go of attachment.

At least my painting isn't hanging in the bathroom.

Painting L.A. Grit January 20, 2012

Some of my thoughts are in the toilet...Some of my thoughts wind up in the toilet...
I took a trip down to Los Angeles for their Second Thrusday Art Walk and decided to paint the skyline at Dusk as the lights of the city started coming on, twinklin' in the distance.

I thought the neighborhood I was in seemed a bit rough; peering through the security gate of an old L.A. Mansion nearby, I could surmise why...