2011 Painting for a Purpose Photo: Robert Eringer

The Night Flight October 22, 2011

 Late one night on this funny pub crawl;
    when walking toward home I thought I'd seen all. 
There in the distance a half lit-up light;
    said, "MORE", (not less), with an arrow in flight.
Now I'm one who's known, for taking a chance;
    so I said to Robert Eringer, "come, watch this dance..."
I climbed up on top of this transformer box; 
    I'd thought I'd be cute, sorta sly like a fox.
Eringer stood snapping his photos away;  
    I leaped for the sky; "voila!"  I did say.
Those lofty ideas that run through my head;
    are more than myth that one puts straight to bed.
It's Surreal, its Dadaist, its searching for edginess;
   Man Ray,  and Dali and Magritte would insist.
Vlad the Impaler would spring from his grave;
    if sighting this scarecrow; this ghost-skewered knave.
I'm glad I am here in this modern age; 
    where art manifests genuis and genius is sage.
The Magic of flight once gave power and might; 
    to witches and warlocks on broomsticks at night.
Were I to be flying in the day's of yore;
    I'd be burned at the stake... Right? Suzanne Gore?