Nose Art March 21, 2013

It's not always what goes into the artwork that makes it work, but what you choose to edit out.

Twenty years ago, one of approximately 45 flyable WWII B-25 Mitchell Warbirds flew into the CAF in Camarillo. After a varied post-war history (including being designated a corporate aircraft), Our goal was to restore this plane back to flying condition, and contribute to the education and memory of what sacrifices were made by the Greatest Generation.  I am happy to say we are less than two years out from that dream being realized.

We bought her (critically corroded) off the ramp in Florida, from Big Brew Brewing Company; her nose art, though not authentic, depicted it.

By Consensus we decided we were going to rename her "Pride of the Yanks", so hoping I would be the artist to paint the new name I had created a mock up of what the new nose art could look like.  For this to happen we had to remove the existing artwork from the plane's fuselage.  

As much as I hated to do it, it had to be done...  "BIG 'OLE BREW 'n little 'ole you", is now preserved in photographs, and as a memory in the minds of a few. But everything works out for a reason... 

A few years later we would discover this specific aircraft was the last one of it's kind. It seemed there was an alignment of the stars; our whole focus, intention and inspiration would be ignited and magnified by this revelation, and a new spirit would come to life.