Negotiating with Edward Hopper September 2, 2012

I got the idea to trade a painting for hair cuts, with my friend and barber, Richie. He owns Richie's Barber Shop, in Montecito, California, where on a monthly basis I drop by to have my ears lowered and chew the cud in an upscale barber shop environment similar to to the one in Clint Eastwood's Grand Torino. Richie's, though, has much more visual appeal and thirst quinching libations he offers to customers.

I remembered the iconic painting by Edward Hopper called,"Early Sunday Morning" which showed a barber shop in low morning light, in New York City. My intentions were to copy the painting, then put Richie's Barber Shop on the window behind the slightly askew Barber Shop Pole.

What follows is the series of photos I took during the paintings evolution. As I am in the habit of reviewing the Master works of many artists living and dead, every so often it increases my depth as an artist, to commune with their spirit, and listen to their direction and guidance one brush stroke at a time. The original painting in in the Whitney Museum in New York, (in a very bad location in my opinion). it is a large 35x60 in size. I chose to make mine smaller: 20x34 to expedite the process.

Enjoy the lesson...