The Night Watcher August 7, 2012

This Victorian era house flanks the area I call the Twilight Zone, on Hill street in Ventura. It reminded me of the painting I once saw which was painted by Edward Hopper, called "House by the Railroad Tracks". I set up in the field across the railroad tracks to do the painting. During the painting, the owner of the house came outside and sat on the porch. Someone upstairs peeked out the window, then flashed their red lazar pointer at me, making me want to hit the deck. After recovering from the thought of possibly being shot, I gave a holler, and he put it away. I still decided to document the experience by adding that dash of red.

Painting exhibited at my Carnegie Art Museum Show.

The Night Watcher
25x30 oil/canvas

Painting Status: Available for Purchase through James Main Fine Art, Santa Barbara, California. (805)637-8632