Late Night in the Park June 3, 2012

The Party (Paso Robles Plein Air Festival) was over. All the booths were taken down. all that remained in the park were a few teenagers talking tough, former festival fans walking by conversing about how one of the paintings that day sold at auction for $2000.00!

It was like a ghost town around the Gazebo. The Gazebo in the park served as a gathering place for the community of Paso Robles the morning of 9/11, and  after the fatal earth quake centered nearby in 2002.

I was nearing completion of the painting, enjoying the quiet scene before me with the neon lights from the Studio in the Park Gallery contrasting with the Mercury Vapor lights illuminating the Gazebo, when a man walking his dog dumped his duty in front of me. Thus, I chose to shift the content of my painting to express a wee bit of social commentary.


A Night in the Park

10x8 oil/panel