Cover Artist: Montecito Journal Magazine June 14, 2012

When I returned from England in Mid April, I was given the opportunity to create an architectual rendering of a building proposed for a mysterious location somewhere in Santa Barbara.  I've been on the cover of the weekly Montecito Journal newspaper three times since 1999. I had one week to produce the painting based on architectural renderings by an internationally recognigzed architect, Robert Kupiec. The criteria was to create the painting from Kupiec's daytime watercolor renderings, but make it a Nocturne; showing the architecture at night under the full moon light.

Using the color harmony from previous Montecitio Journals I chose the palette that would maintain the sensibilities and aesetics this bi-annual glossy periodical was known for. This was to be the first time the owner/publisher was to place an actual painting on the cover, and to add to the challenge, I was asked to render the font of "Montecito Journal" in an artful way.

Using my Illustration skills, I made the deadline by two days. The Summer/Fall 2012 issue was published and went into circulation yesterday. Included within it is a two page article on myself, and a brief interview of my artistic contributions.

I am pleased it all worked out, and am very proud of this publication. For a copy of the magazine, contact: The Montecito Journal (805)565-1860

Montecito Cover Illustration
24x20 oil/canvas
collection of the artist