Ice Moon Cometh, Homer Alaska


All I know it it was freezing cold (15 degrees F). but I was there to paint aloneness. Eringer and I had traveled to this remote destination to capture the surreal depth of desolation.

Out on the Homer Spit, nothing was moving except the wisping fog and lapping waves on the shore.

The rocks I stood on were black and Orca in shape, and I did my best not to slip on the ice that covered them while painting.

My -140 degree boots from Cabellas, made all the difference in my attitude to stick it out, and paint away. I added extra linseed oil into my paints (adding viscosity); in order to keep them from freezing

One has to be like leather when painting in this weather.

the Ice Moon Cometh
10x14 oil/board

Collection of Robert Eringer
Surreal Bounce