The Abstract Impulse

Every representational painting begins with an abstract statement; poetic marks coming together in harmonious relationships.

The Zen-like philosophy of saying more with less; one brush stroke instead of 50, is one way of insuring a lasting, lively vitality of a painting.

Pushing the paint around while using a large brush instead of a small one, also serves an artist technically; to let go of control, and make bigger statements.

Using an abundance of paint; with some colors mixed on the palette, and some mixed directly on the canvas, is another way which is bound to invite greater possibility of accidental brush strokes emulating a glimpse of genius.

Get out of the way, be the channel for the life force to create through you, and beyond you.  Merely witness the process and celebrate the dance with paint.  

But remember, if one works too long, too fast, or too hard into their subject, the  original lively poetic abstract may turn in to a labored thesis that is prophetically painted in prose.