Sunday Service, Santa Cruz Island

Moon Over the Cross, S.C.I. 10x8 oil 2002

I found this JPeg of a painting I created around ten years ago when I went out to Santa Cruz Island to paint with the OAK Group. It's an honest rendition of the Moon, high over the giant red cross that rests on the grassy hill just above the Stanton Ranch.

For all I know the cross has been out there on the island since the 1860's, from a time when people lived more religiously and relied on the hope of God's support and guidance: they weren't afraid to see this symbol as a guiding light.

In the 21st Century, this symbol is offensive to many, and I am sure the ACLU would like to abolish it as Santa Cruz Island (except for the Stanton Ranch), is now controlled by the National Park Service.  

As an artist who sometimes lives life on the edge, the cross and what it symbolizes keeps and has kept me from going over the ledge.