First Knight, Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 16, 2011

On a day which honors Martin Luther King Jr, a man of courage and vision, I have decided to launch an image of a painting I created back in 1988 on Santa Cruz Island.  This was my First Night Painting done in Plein Air.  I wanted to acknowledge Arturo Tello, a fellow artist and OAK Group member, for suggesting we place flash lights on our heads, and attempt the genre of painting called "NOCTURNES".

Twenty-four years ago I began my trek; and delving deep into the darkness I've since attempted to get to the configuration of the unknown; the mysteries of the night.  I guess one can say that as a result, Plein Air Nocturne Painting has led me to a solo show in  New York,  and to my first Museum Exhibition at the Carnegie, in Oxnard California.  I now have a trek record.

Even though this painting is not a very strong statement;  it shows the moon rising eastward down the central valley of the island on a cold misty night.  Technically, there are many flaws in the painting,  especially with the values, but I had to start somewhere in my Nocturne Painting Career, and then stay the course.

In the foreground is the building utilized as the washroom for the Stanton Ranch, and one cubist like manicured  Cyprus tree.  Carey Stanton (1923-1987) maintained the former cattle ranch, but since his passing in 1987, it is now under the stewardship of the Nature Conservancy.

His friend, the great American Artist Richard Diebenkorn (1922-1993) use to come out to the island on occasion, and create paintings of his island experience. A few were given to Carey Stanton, and are now in the collection of the Santa Cruz Island Foundation.