Santa Barbara Mission Sept. 9, 2011

One never knows when a painting will sell, and when it does, where it goes.

I painted this painting of the Breezeway at the Santa Barbara Mission, about two years ago, as a demonstration for my plein-air painting class.

It remained in the inventory at the Bottoms Art Gallery since that time and only came close to selling it couple of times.

This last weekend I participated in a benefit art show to raise money for a matching grant to help restoration work continue at the Mission. This was in celebration of the 225th anniversary of the Mission's founding.

I got the painting out of the Gallery and placed it for sale at the event. On that day, I am happy to say this painting finally found a home; It was purchased by a previous collector of mine.

In today's economy, selling art seems to be a rare occurrence; and when it happens I feel an immense gratitude that the art market is still alive and kicking.

Mission Breezeway
18x14 oil/canvas 2009
Private collection