The Ghost of Johnathan Livingston Seagull, Venice: Sept. 21, 2011

Speaking of rearranging shapes; on that dark dank night I contemplated walking out on the Venice Beach Pier. Moving forward I wondered what unknown things awaited me out there in that misty dead end.

With images of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" activating my monkey mind, I took the long walk to the very end until I could stroll no further. 

It was out there, on the edge, in that solemn balmy void, that I was greeted by what looked like a bird from hell.  After taking his picture, he spoke to me and said, "so... you think you know hunger?" I thought for a moment, then before I could  retort he blinked, then flew off into the night; nevermore to be seen again, at least by my eyes.

After receiving this poignant message from the aviary master, I too felt rearranged, and my mind began to race. I thought to myself, what the...was that Johnathan Livingston Seagull? Did he mistake me for Richard Bach? Clearly, it wasn't a crow,  and I know I'm no Poe.

So, alone with this thought, I turned to walk off,  and scurrying from the pier did I go.

Now, when I teach art, I attempt to convey to my students that every experience an artist has in his life is transferred onto their canvas through each and every brush stroke. 

In this transformational, somewhat life-changing epiphany,  I contemplated just where this fine feathered emissary from the animal kingdom would work his way into my art? Physically, it didn't matter, however I would think of him with every bird shaped brush stroke I may paint in my future paintings.

Instead, remembering his original challenge to me about hunger, I decided I would stop in to a restaurant at the base of the pier... and think some more over a burger and beer!