Heart Rock Cafe August 25, 2011

My Heart Rocks!

Look what the Earth gives up?

I sometimes wonder and wander the beach.  Every now and then I catch one, or two...maybe three hearts of stone. I know it's kinda silly but hey it's cool.  It's kinda like cloud dispersing, or like seeing the Virgin Mary  or Jesus  in a stain on a wall or in a potato chip.

All it takes is imagination, and a keen eye.

In my irrational search for the meaning of life, here's what I've realized about Heart Rocks:

Some are perfect, some askew;
Some are old and crusty, some are fairly new.
Some are dark, some are light;
Some look like they glow at night.

Some are hard; (well duh, they're stone);
Some are brittle and lite like bone.
Some are smooth and some are glossy;
Some feel porous and some seem saucy.

Some look perfectly cliche' in shape;
Some are deceptive; (they're more like, fake!)
Some feel way too heavy to hold;
Some are warm and some are cold.

Some lay obvious, some remain buried.
Hearts shaped rocks are wide and varied;
I search for them because it's fun;
I see my heart in every one.

On this, my 50th Birthday, I hope I don't get stuck between a rock and a heart space!