Finishing Touches: July 9, 2011

Everything I do in the beginning stages of a painting is setting the stage for the highlights, the caligraphy, the "Icing on the cake". I work to suggest my subject with an economy of brushwork: "One brush stroke instead of 50", "Indicate, not Explainate!"

 After finishing the  painting on location I climbed the nearby hill. I had an eagle's view of the valley below. A warm breeze blew  upward,  and carried with it the sounds of laughing children...but there was nobody around for miles.  Kim told me later on that Talia would often come up to this area to play with her friends.  I view this sacred spot as a portal to another dimension.   Once again on my way down the hill carrying my gear. I saw Talia and Michael arm in arm up above their grave. They both had HUGE smiles and were waving to me. I caught my breath,  acknowledged them and gave thanks. Talia ran to the edge of the knoll  and began to beckon me to come back. However I got the sense that they would have wanted me to stay... and, maybe cross over? I guess I could have climbed back up and sat down with her and Michael and had a conversation... but in my reality I have much more work to do while here on the Earth.  .