Creating Home; Talia's View July 8, 2011

My goal: to capture the space;  light, and sense of space.

I wanted to immortalize this final resting place of Talia and Michael Klein, and I want to help Kim, and all who love them,  to have opportunity to feel at home when they gaze on this painting.

At the end of the first day of painting, after I laid in the masses of color, I wrapped up my gear and started the short hike down the hill. I looked upward to the grave site and saw Michael and Talia standing together; smiling and waving to me!

I stopped in my tracks, did a 2nd take at the apparitions, then responded with a 'Ah...hello', and 'thank you'.  They didn't speak a word. They didn't have to.

I've never seen as clear a physical apparition of a spirit(s) before.  As I descended down the hill again I looked up to see Talia smiling and waving to me. She had run to the edge of the knoll and playfully gave me a huge smile and wave.  I said, "good-by, I'll  be back.

I thought to myself, how cool was that?"  Then I thought...nobody is going to believe me when I tell them about what I just witnessed.

But then again,  I'm sure Kim will...