Quantum of Solace. July 6, 2011

Place of Peace:  I can't begin to imagine the depths of sorrow a parent must feel at the loss of their only child. Kim Klein took me to the land once played on and treasured by Talia. She visits the place whenever she comes to Santa Barbara; to sit, reflect and,  "connect." 

As an artist, my challenge is to get to the configuration of my subject; to tune in,  tap in, and turn on, so I can empathize with my patron; immortalize this subject on canvas,  and capture the feeling in paint.   I'm faced with a wide vista of possibilities as far as the subject to paint, but it's undeniable that this sacred spot holds memories of a time gone by.  One can't help but feel the nostalgia permeating the air. But because it's present time,  I shall create the word:   Nowstalgic!

I'm feel like I'm being asked to become a psychic medium, or a Trance Channel...

I ask myself, "how can I best be of  service here? 

I must show  compassion, with a  deep sense of detachment.