Lemon Packing House Nocturne July 31, 2011

I heard this nearby packing house was not long for the world so I grabbed my gear and set up under the full moon to capture it for one last time.

It had been there since the 1920's and was utilized by the Carpinteria Motor Transport Company in the last 20 years or so. For years it was a charming subject for Artists and Photographers. It even became a shelter for our Monkey, Siwa, one night after she'd escaped from her cage. 

It was torn down with the agreement what would be built in it's place would have similar visual appeal to the packing house. They came close. The Corrugated Metal Siding was taken off and some of it reused for the Palm Loft Artist Live/Work Studios, so that is a good thing.

Packing House Nocturne
22x44  oil/canvas 1999