Painting L.A.: Art Deco at Villan's Tavern July 17, 2011

Welcome, Villain!

Art Deco Goldilocks

Looks like a movie prop of Flemish Masterwork A Franz Hals knock-off maybe, or one of the Three Musketeers painted by Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier.  Alex De Andreis is also a possibility.  

The Musketeer by Alex C Andreis

C.Burt, Erdy, and I walked into this bar called, "Villains Tavern" near the L.A. River.  I thought we'd entered the Twilight Zone because the bar was adorned with 16th through 20th Century decor, and most of the Tavernees were dressed in 1930's era costume!   Now, being that I worked for a year, in films (but only as an extra), I assumed they were actors taking a break from working on location at the studio next door.

It turns out that serendipity was in play;  we'd crashed into  the monthly meeting of the ART DECO SOCIETY of LOS ANGELES. 

We'd entered the world of MAKE BELIEVE! One beer wasn't going to be strong enough for this environment.