The Holy Man and the Hot Dog Vendor July 16, 2011

Once upon a time there was a  hot dog vendor.

The vendor  was approached by a Holy Man,  who asked the vendor to, "Make me ONE WITH EVERYTHING!!"

(It seems the Holy Man was jesting with the vendor).

So, the humble,hot dog vendor obliges the Holy Man and proceeds to make him a hot dog; complete with all the fixings in his cart.

The vendor finishes the hot dog, then hands the it over to the pious man and says, "That will be $3.50".

The holy man hands the vendor a $5.00 bill, to which the vendor receives it,  opens his cash register, slips the $5.00 bill in the drawer, then closes the drawer. The the vendor then stands there, smiling gratefully.

 The holy man, stands there, somewhat perplexed, then asks the hot dog vendor, "w-where is my change?"

The hot dog vendor then waves  his hand to the holy man and says,

"Ah... Master, CHANGE  IS WITHIN!!"