D-Day June 6, 2011

67 years ago today, Operation Overlord began. The Great Crusade for the Liberation of Europe, undertaken by the Allied forces under the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and France. It was the day the dark side of Fascism, covering the Earth, began to crack.

These are three Flags of my Father's which he collected during World War II. when shipping supplies around the world on T-2, and Mission Tankers in the a United States Merchant Marine.

On the left is the flag flown by an armored unit of the Free French; it is the Cross de Lorraine, and the symbol of the Free French Forces led by Charles de Gaulle. My father said he obtained it in a trade with a French sailor who had sailed in to the Port of Toamasina, Madagascar, on a French cruiser.

I flew this flag when I showed my artwork at the Santa Barbara French Festival, turning many heads, and evoking nostalgia; mostly by the French visitors who remembered their long ago hopes and prayers, answered almost 60 years ago this day. It even evoked a few tears. It is a powerful symbol; representing Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, a symbol which many sacrificed their lives for, so that future generations would remain free.

My philosophy: an artist's job is to produce; and when possible, that which is produced can educate the populace, about a subject which is long ago forgotten, and/or that which needs to be remembered.

When these flags are flown together, especially on the anniversary of D-Day, It's not important to me that everyone understands their significance; but, that there is wonderment.

I trust the seeds have been planted.