L.A. Painting: Down on "D" Street, June 3, 2011

Same neighborhood, different night. "D Street" in Long Beach. This scene reminded me of something out of the 1930's, it looked like an Edward Hopper motif.

I began this painting on location, at 11 pm, and packed up my gear at 5:30. All night long the gravel trucks sped by, racing down the road and beyond. It felt like they were missing me by only a few feet.

I had to fight the commuter traffic back to Santa Barbara, dozing off a number of times; Not a very smart thing to do.

I remember spending another twelve or so hours on finishing the painting before taking it into the critique.

Capturing the "feeling" of night continues to be my goal.
Down on "D" Street
28"x22" oil/canvas 1998
Private Collection