L.A. Painting: Oprah's Magic Bus June 27, 2011

Money isn't everything but it can sure move you into the right neighborhoods.

In the darkened streets of the LA Arts District, we were surprised to see this iconic box-car on wheels stuffed away under a street light.

This bus, appeared out of the shadows. Judging by the size and grandeur of the names painted on it, it it was like a rolling Hollywood walk of fame.

I couldn't help but compare this concept to Ken Kesey and the Merry Prankster's Magic Bus called,"Further". Only today, few know or remember who Ken Kesey was, and who in the hell were the Merry Pranksters?

What did William Shakespeare say? "What's in a name?" (This was a loaded question).
The bus is like a rolling Black and White Billboard where the name of the game is: the names in the game draw fame. I thought it was the Oprah Bus (The Biggest name gets Top Billing of course), but I was mistaken. The prankster's have the names plastered on its side: names like, Steven Colbert, Keifer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, etc., which is cool. Apparently they put out more money toward this cause than most).

It's all about ADVERTISING! I've seen Buses at Rock Concerts with marques on them stating, "Know One You Know". So there's the dichotomy; famous names verses the nameless.

This bus has a history worth checking out. Google "1secondfilm.com". The whole concept is based on international collaboration; to create a one second animated film showing 12 paintings, documenting it, then show a list of names of supporters/producers up on the silver screen at the end of the show, for one hour! Kind of a strange idea, but... it's a non profit fund raiser with good intentions; the money raised will go to a worthy cause to benefit The Global Fund for Women.

I noticed the bus was tagged by a graffiti artist. (Is nothing sacred any more?) I guess not, if you are a graffiti artist vying for fame; all the world is your canvas!