L.A. Painting, Nocturnes. Unfinished Business June 25, 2011

This as far as I progressed on the painting when the Security Guard kicked us off the Top Floor of the Security Building.

I am blogging this "rough draft", because it shows my process; as far as laying in the masses in a relatively middle value range, anticipating the eventual addition of the highlights and darker patterns which will not only provide the structure and rhythm but also the contrast for the glow, aka, "Chiaroscuro."

In a few weeks, we will come back down and sneak up on the roof so I can finish. It's a bit frustrating when a painting partner knocks off a brilliant sketch or two, in the time it took me to get this far...

I have to be patient and trust the painting will develop over time.

I have a long way to go on this 24x20 oil painting, and until then, It will move in to the "unfinished business" category.