LA Painting: Spring Street Vista July 24, 2011

Spring Street and 6th, in the City of Angels.

This is an Angelic view that would arouse the envy of Colin Campbell Cooper were he to see it, or the "Rear Window" voyeurism of Alfred Hitchcock .

Erdy Erdursun's art Studio/Apt. looks out over the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles. This street typifies the quintessential urban landscape; utilized by Hollywood in the early morning hours for the filming of commercials, T.V. shows, and/or movies, such as Michael Mann's 2004 release, "Collateral ", starring Jamie Lee Foxx and Tom Cruise.

L.A. is like one big potential Hollywood Set.

Too much light here for me though, I prefer the more dimmly lit neighborhoods further East of this location, in L.A.'s Historic Art's District. So it's off to there we go.

Spring Street
Photo: T. Van Stein