Nocturnes: Ship Yard Nocturne, June 2, 2011

Naval Ship Yard, San Pedro.

I painted this painting near Fisherman's Wharf in San Pedro. It shows a Navy ship in dry dock with the curtain pulled over it's bow, hiding the top secret sonar.

This painting was not accepted into my thesis exhibition for it was too small.

The late, former Marine Architect, friend and collector of mine, Pierre Claeyssens bought this work straight out of my studio as it took him back to the days he designed Liberty Ships right in this same neighborh0od in the late 1930's and into WWII.

It's more of a challenge to paint urban nocturnes because of the amount of lights and structural patterns/reflections, etc. I give thanks for my frontal lobe which allows me to edit keenly.

Ship Yard Nocturne
12x20 oil/board 1998
private collection