L.A. Painting: Budda Abides on Skidrow June 16, 2011

There are so many layers to life. Some seen, some unseen. Some are subtle, some are not; and unless one is attentive, symbolic objects like this may go unnoticed, which is fine...

They say in the city, life is a razors edge and on this edge between civility and dregs, the artist produces, and panhandler begs. This ironic icon transcends, and straddles the illusive veil between the haves and have not.

It's... a Laughing Buddha; plumply posted, propped up on a pole, placed there on a pedestal munching an Orb-like apple. He serves to remind us that we only really need to know is... to,"let go", go with the flow", and detach ourselves from the ego. Cut the ties that bind, Judge not; pay anything and everything no mind. All truth will be revealed in time.

This, of course, is easier said, than done.

Now I, as an artist, desire to create. I manifest works of art which, "Stop the viewer's eye". So reading this symbol and sign, satirically sitting up on high, I realize, that I am stuck.

Now knowing that the average amount of time a viewer spends viewing a work of art in a museum or art show, is four seconds, I ponder my goal; do I strive to match this, or do I want my art to receive more attention than that? Do I care? Is my art really important? Does it what I produce, or that which I produce really matter?

To the Ego, "Yes."
To my higher self, "No."

In contemplating this dichotomy, if I want my art, ( i.e. my voice), to receive more attention, then I must strive to produce something more astounding, more attractive, more sublime, each and every time, especially if I want the viewer's eye to stop on a dime.

That's one tall order. (....but to be like the Buddha is no short order...)

Laughing at myself, I realize, I am no Buddha.