Nocturnes: A Violet Night. May 28, 2011

Milpas Street Crossing, Santa Barbara California.

This railroad structure stood for years; ever since the steam trains rolled through, to and fro, at a slow enough pace that the Hobo could jump on or off without much danger, and seek shelter in the nearby Hobo Junction.

Like the block signal in yesterday's post, this signal tower no longer exists. It has since made its way to the editing room floor of the great creator. It's just a memory now.

I liked the contrasting colors of warm yellows (Sodium Vapor Lights), with the blue violet (Halogen Lights) shining in the mist, all coming together on a toned canvas of light Thalo Green. It actually made the area more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

I didn't like when a homeless man snuck-up on me, from behind, and began speaking incoherently in a loud voice, arousing my fight or flight instincts. This startled me so much I almost evolved into an expressionist painter.

Milpas Street Crossing
18x26 oil/canvas 1999
Private Collection