Nocturnes: Night by the Rails May 27, 2011

Sometimes I'm out at night with no clue what I am going to paint, that is until I take a walk.

In this remote location, I'm searching for possible clues to invented mysteries. Then, when I am on the edge of something I see it. I happen upon a view which stops my eye.

This particular location is a wilderness area preserved last century by Carpinterians, in hopes it's mere existence as open space, will help to preserve public sanity.

"The Edge", (in this particular case), is the emergence of the viewer from wilderness into the urban world. It's sort of a, "peek over the hedge". I imagine an art critic might say, "It's a pure statement; about the dichotomy between nature and man as expressed on a two-dimensional surface."

The moon provided the illuminated blue in the sky as well as help define the bushy Eucalyptus, " just up yonder over there there!" There is a suggestion of a dark path. which one may take, (just don't step on a gopher snake). The Block Signal, (which is now, sadly, deceased) provides that, "Dash of Red", and don't forget that Venoco Oil lurks beyond.

Nothing moved this night...other than my paintbrush.

Edge of Night
28x32 oil/canvas 2001
Private Collection