Late Night in the Funk Zone May 18, 2011

I found this image showing the beginning stages of a painting I still happen to own.

I showed up one late afternoon, set up my easel and put brush to canvas; lining in what shapes I could see of Santa Barbara's notorious "Funk Zone".

The seedy, dingy, sometimes quirky neighborhood of galleries, surf stores, and beatnik coffee shops catering to the sleepless nocturnals. This is Avaunt Gard Central.

It's got character; especially after hours when the creatures of the night meander and lurk through the darken passageways off the main streets of the city.

Things happen there unexpectedly for this silent witness to observe, but it gets rather lonesome and desolate after the groove wears away, and only those who are invisible remain to play.

Late Night in the Funk Zone
Santa Barbara

24x30 oil/canvas/ 2004
Collection of the Artist