The Ghost Yard June 1, 2011

This building is an example of Art Deco Architecture. It is owned and operated by the Sunkist Produce, in Santa Paula, California.

While working on obtaining my Master's degree, I would travel two or three times a week down to Cal State Univ. Northridge and back. While driving back to Carpinteria, at night, I would seek my painting motifs. in the desolate neighborhoods of the southland.

I was required to produce and finish one painting every two weeks, and subject each painting to critical review by my piers. by the end of the two years I would produce 30 images toward my Master's Degree. 15 of these were accepted, and exhibited.

I spent two nights on location painting this painting; four hours each sitting.

On the first night, I was alone while painting. It was the first and only time I would climb inside my van to avoid attracting four seemingly aggressive youths who were out carousing their hood, looking for someone to harass.

The second night which I went down to finish the painting, I convinced my buddy, Ian, to come along with me, to hang out and keep me company. As I grew close to finishing, he agreed to model for me; (you can see him walking across the rail yard in the distance).

Ian, is the the Ghost.

The Ghost Yard
22x44 oil/canvas 1999
Collection of the Artist