The Pilgram Departs April 8, 2010

Another teaching day, six months later, same location. I was teaching my class (again) at the Montecito Country Club. I decided to do a similar painting compositionally as the one seen in yesterday's post. This time the light was brighter and cooler. I used a bluish purple underpainting and worked from there striving for the same affects. However, this time the colors were much cooler, and expressed impressionistically. the vibration came from complimentary hues of purple and yellow, not so much as warm and cool.

In the middle of the painting process we witnessed a tall ship leaving port. I snapped this photo to capture the immediacy of the moment.

I feel enchantment whenever I see a tall ship. When it sets sail, so doth my imagination!

The Pilgram Departs
12"x12" oil/canvas

Collection of the Artist