Leonardo Da Vinci: A Relative Canon of Proportion March 22, 2011

Now I'm not saying I represent the ideal male or have perfect proportions,(in fact I'm far from it), However, I was tempted to test my features. One day when traveling through the airport in Reykjavik, Iceland. I was traveling there to paint the purity of the night sky along with my patron Robert Eringer,

Lugging my baggage (NOT the unfinished stuff still left over from years of psycho-babble therapy) through the airport lobby when I saw this large circular window. Immediately, I was inspired to test the master!. Let's say the, "Spirit of Leonardo Da Vinci" filled my imagination.

When studying Art History at Cal State University Northridge, I remembered Da Vinci created a drawing of a man inside a circle; depicting the correct proportions of a human being.
I was focused on the possibility of getting inside Da Vinci's head. (Actually, I could argue he'd entered mine instead!)

Giving my camera to Eringer, and defying airport security; I halted the group, dropped my bags, jumped over the rail, and inserted myself into the hole. I spread my legs, fanned my arms, and struck a smile the moment my hands made contact with the edge of the inner circumference of the "0". Eringer snapped the picture.

It worked! What a great experience; to investigate and immerse oneself, even for a brief moment, in a creative act. To align with the Art Spirit,(don't mind the Air Stair), and not be taken away to the funny farm, or as they call it in Iceland: The, "Klepp", or "House by the Blue Bay."

This trip was where Surreal Bounce was born, and our quest; darting over the edge of creativity and madness was launched.

Photo: Robert Eringer
Reykjavik, 2002

Canon of Proportions
Leonardo Da Vinci