An Ice Cold Grave, Iceland March 18, 2011

Someone once said, "Only when a man is on the edge of his grave, can he conclude anything!".

When traveling in Iceland in 2002 we came upon this small shack out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by miles of frozen tundra and lava rock. As we drove up to it, we saw that it wasn't just a shack. Someone had the inspiration to build, (ironically), a chapel.

As it was in the middle of nowhere, I imagine the parishioner who built it, did so in hopes that, "If I build it, they will come". My guess is that this was his Field of Dreams moment. As the icy wind howled and blew, we prowled around the 'frozen ground'.

The Chapel was all closed up. We found no Vikings hanging around. There was one lonely unmarked grave in it's cemetery. (One could only assume it was, maybe, the parishioner) It was pathetically bleak, desolate, lonely.

I was there in Iceland; commissioned by Robert Eringer to paint the purity of the night sky in the middle of Winter. Using the inspiration I received from this motif, I created this painting from reference material gathered at this location.

In executing the painting, I flooded the sky with an exaggerated Aurora Borealis. Now, in retrospect, the 'feeling' of the painting reminds me of the great Northern European Expressionist painter, Edvard Munch; the painter of, "The Scream".

Speaking of Screaming, if anyone were to scream out there in the middle of nowhere,no matter the message, not many people would or could hear you. I hope whomever lies there in that ice cold grave rests in peace. It is a silent resting place for some pour soul.

Mankind must strive for completion while above ground; not wait until he is on the edge of his grave before concluding anything.

Dedicated to my friend, Mike Enlow. 1957- March 19, 2011

The Ice Grave, Iceland
24x36 oil/canvas 2002
collection of the artist