St. Anthony's Seminary

Painting Day, St. Anthony's Seminary, from Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

It was a day of Architectural Motif. The lesson, how to paint using a palette of colors which will express antiquity. The purpose this day seemed to be a quest to transcend the legacy of this building. to view it for it's beauty, and not get stuck on the legacy of what happened there decades ago.

The biggest when teaching challenge is to herd the students (and their easels), together, so I can get to them more easily, or that my voice can carry over a short distance so I don't strain too much. Sometimes it's though we are painting right on top of each other.

Sometimes... accidents happen, like when a student's cane falls and hits a persons car, or another student's dog gets out of a car and bites the leg of another student.
Plein air painting is full of unpredictable moments.

The direction you're facing, has much to do with your destination.