Plein Air Class Visits Sullivan Goss. Feb 9, 2011

Took my Wednesday Plein Air Painting class to visit Sullivan Goss fine art gallery in Santa Barbara. There we viewed the exhibition: 40 days and 40 nights: 80 Paintings on exhibit by the extraordinary landscape painter, Lockwood De Forest. These were brought over from Europe. They were part of close to 800 sketches or studies of the landscape as Lockwood saw it.

It was especially great to see the almost pre-historic views of the Santa Barbara

which he documented; showing his visual perceptions of Santa Barbara before the hoards of Americans flocked to the "American Riviera". Especially appealing were the nocturnes, some painted in the moonlight without the aid of any other source of light to illuminate his canvas.

It was a great day, being amongst the masterworks of this late 19th early 20th Century Artist.


Ed Rincon Explains the content of paintings to my "Light and Shadow in Art" painting class.