Nocturne Demo Scottsdale Mission, Scottsdale Arizona: December 28, 2011


A couple of years ago I taught a Nocturne Painting Workshop through the Scottsdale Artist's School. This was the first in a series of demonstration paintings I performed during the workshop. One of the students, Marjorie Weaver, volunteered to pose for me by sitting on the wall in front of the mission. 
By the end of this evening, my eyes had completely adjusted to the darkness. So much so that I drove off to my hotel without the headlights of my rental car turned  on. Needless to say I got pulled over by the Scottsdale Police who were suspicious I'd been drinking. I showed them my painting and denied I'd been drinking. however I admitted I was completely drunk on Moonlight!!
My, "Night Vision Story",  made them laugh, and they let me go.  
Old Scottsdale Mission Under Moonlight
9x12 oil/board  private collection