Claude Monet in Spirit December 17, 2011

Sailboat at Petit-Gennevilliers

All I know is that I am motivated by that which makes my heart sing.
I love art, so I study it, and make it a priority to surround myself with it.
I buy lots of art books with pictures of paintings made by the great Master Painters of the past.

In a way, they become my mentors...

As I seek out my motif's,   Nature reveals to me similar patterns of what may have been witnessed by one of my mentors when they walked the Earth.  I am at choice to use these patterns in one of my own paintings; (i.e. STEAL THE IDEA) and develop my art work with this influence at the core of it's configuration.

The other morning I walked outside my home and saw this view at Sunrise. The cloud patterns (Alto Cumulus) reminded me of patterns in a painting I'd seen before by French Impressionist Painter, Claude Monet.  This scene lasted only for a few minutes, but I captured it on camera, with the intention of sharing this idea of reference with you.

Alto Cumulus at Sunrise  photo: T. Van Stein

Presenting this evidence serves to keep me on track with my tact of being an artist; aligning present moments with the past, in a way that affects my future in a positive way. 

Mastery is Memory