Gheel In Patients LOL!!! July 26, 2010


Still reeling from the absinthe of clothing on the models, in the two different stores , we continued down the street towards Relic Room, or Dymphna's Cathedral. As Robert Eringer, Floater, Jimmy Harper and I walked along the street, we were soon accompanied by two of Gheelie Girls.

We didn't understand what had happened to us.

What? Why were these girls dressed like this? Something was definitely askew here. Was it us?

I Quickly grabbed my camera and took a shot of this pair of (?)'s

One of them then went to the door of a house and knocked. I took another picture as this little boy came out to hand her something; (candy? Cash? Meds???) I don't know.
But the look on this little kid's face says exactly what I was wondering at the time, "What the F---?...over!

We'd entered into some strange world, that I couldn't figure out which side of the edge we were on.

We finally made ourselves to St. Dymphna's supposed site of slaying;
which now enshrines a marble stature of a lofty Moorish(but really Irish) Man wearing a turban, ready to lop off the head of his own daughter innocently praying on her knees. It looked like a Muslim Honor Killing, only in this case, Dymphna's father was lopping off his daughter's head cause she wouldn't consent to becoming his incester.

We turned the corner and laid our eyes on a dark and austere, foreboding structure with a belfry.