Happy Henchmen, Antwerp, July 20, 2010

So this is Antwerp. And what have we got?

Cold, Dark, Gray, Moody Day. Robert Eringer, Floater, fellow artist James Harper and I arrived in snarling traffic and drizzle.

Hitting the ground running, we paid homage to Peter Paul Rubens in the Antwerp Cathedral, which housed his magnificent mural sized paintings depicting the Christ deity.

Winter was the season; Creativity and Madness was the reason.

25 miles away was the near-by Mental State of Gheel. We were on a quest; a pilgrimage of sorts, to the murder site of a sixteen year old named Dymphna. Belgians come to Gheel to visit the relics, (Or what's left of 'em) for their healing power, in the belief that they, or their family would be healed of the demons in their heads.

Us? Well, we were on a trail of Irony: A tongue-and-cheeky pathology it seemed.

Near-by the holy Antwerp Cathedral, we dropped in to visit another sort of reliquary, housing the torture tools of trade; serving us as a reminder of the demented depths for which our human ancestry once delved.

This exhibit didn't, in the least bit, enliven our mood: note the happy faces?

All dressed in black, we walked around the diamond district wearing bright, shiny faces, looking to some merchants like four Soprano thugs raring to loot. It was hilarious to see some of them scramble as we approached; they'd see us, then turn around in their tracks, and walk briskly in the opposite direction.

But we weren't interested in their rare gems or stones; we were interested in Dymphna's Bones. So, onward to Gheel.

Robert Eringer and Floater

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