Dearly Depleted!

It's tough getting use to living in the darkness. On second thought, its tough getting sleep when it's nighttime all the time.

This trip to Iceland in the middle of Winter was not only enlightening, but after four solid days of the Viking Life, I'd overdrawn my sleep account. We runthurs had run out of steam.

Never before had I worked so hard to capture the flavor of a culture, and/or purity of a night sky, in paint. In the end, I came away with nine or so paintings; (many are now in the collection of Robert Eringer). I also came away with an insight as to what thesis I could pursue in my future art career; the pursuit of "creativity and madness".

Soon after this picture was taken, my world class snoring left plenty of sawdust on the floor of the airplane, (and plenty of passengers scrambling for their ear plugs).

I wasn't intending to be rude, I was merely being expressive!

Thomas Van Stein, Robert Eringer, Floater, Headin' Home from Going Berserk.

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