Casa Dahlias, June 4, 2010

Been kinda scattered these days with Graduations et el.

But no mind, when it gets like that it's important to enjoy the simple things in life, like fresh cut flowers. Ah, simple pleasures.

These flowers were cut and placed in the beautifully designed home by Master Architect George Washington Smith, called, the Casa del Herrero, in Montecito California. I painted this still-life for a fund raising event to benefit the Casa del Herrero, in 2008.

Its nice to paint flowers. I view it is an artist's way of honoring and immortalizing their lightness- in their beauteous prime.

--Thoust wilt capture them before they wilt!

Ironically, in the end, their death was worth it.

Casa Dahlias
12x9 oil/board 2008

Private Collection