East Beach, Windy day. June 3, 2010

In the likes of Eugene Boudin, I painted this painting as a demonstration, for my Summer class 2007. The first day of class is always a challenge as there are sometimes up to forty students crowded around watching the demo, asking questions throughout the process.

My Thoughts during the painting:

I am stimulated mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally as I figuratively dance with a brush in my hand; coming up with answers to my students' questions. I try to remain focused, adhering to my original motif; hoping I don't screw up the painting.

Most of the time I am lucky to get a good start, but finishing is another story. That may take weeks, or years to do depending upon many variables. Every painting will hopefully find a home some day.

If I don't sell a painting, I look at it as an opportunity to improve it until it does sell. I paint and hope to sell, not paint to sell. This way I stay pure to my craft.

This painting did sell, eventually, and to whom I know not.

It's all about detachment, through and through.

East Beach, Windy Day
12x16 oil 2007

Private collection