Hot Night at Club Nasa June 23, 2010

This was a challenging painting mostly because I was dealing with a subject that was constantly moving; The disco Ball was moving, the different colored lights were moving, the blond headed bobbing crowd was moving; undulating on the dance floor, there were even dancers on stage in front of a large movie screen showing old black and white silent films.

I had to pick and choose what was important; work from memory throughout the whole paintings' evolution, remembering that it was an impression of what I was experiencing, not a photographic representation of the moment.

I remember the blond vixen speaking Icelandic in my ear, doing her best to shake my resolve, and my co-hards working to be my body guards up against curious berserkers. Last of all, me, lighting a cigar and walking through the grinding throngs on the dance floor after i'd finished. I was feeling quite cocky after that day's adventures.

From what I was told, the next day would be even more unique, and, ahem, memorable.

Hot Night at Club Nasa
8x6 oil/board

Collection of Robert Eringer

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