Club Nasa, Rekyavik Iceland.

After getting Stuffed with Puffin and Whale Steak, Robert Eringer Floater, Eric the Red, and I, made our way out into the late night pub crawl; doing the Runtur as it is called in Icelandic. We made our way into this large discotheque called Club Nasa, filled with hundreds of Vibrating Vikings.

We climbed up on to a platform above the large dance floor which pulsated with bobbing blond heads; a large Disco Ball swirled up above. There were vikings dancing every where; even on the stage which was showing black and white silent movies as a backdrop. I have never heard such a loud beat from the Woofers.

Eringer encouraged me to do a painting of the scene before me so I broke out my Small pochade box and went to work capturing the excitement of the dance. During the painting blond vixens climbed up on the rails and attempted to distract me by speaking garbled mumbles of Icelandic in my ear. It was futile to try to 'pick me up' because not only did I not understand their Nordic language, but it was so incredibly loud, that all I could do is attempt to lip read, which too was useless. I'll say this much, not even when she licked my ear with her tongue did I understand what was going on.

Floater, Eringer, and Eric the Red could see I was having a challenging time accomplishing my painting so they formed a blockade around me disallowing any more viking invaders into my space...

We knew they were just young and curious; much as their ancestors who circumnavigated the globe centuries before. But we were on a mission to experience and capture berserkness during this Feast of Thorbladt; not be captured by berserkers
and feasted upon for their enjoyment.

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Van Stein painting in Club Nasa
Photo credit:
Eric the Red (Russel)