All Through the Night. June 14, 2010

I have a friend in the world who is a sultry country western singer who produce her latest album early this year. Her name is Annie Dahlgren. Most of the themes to her songs were dark and gritty, and she wanted to have my paintings grace her cover!!

She had contacted me last year to paint a portrait of Josh Townsend; the Green Beret from Solvang who mysteriously died in Afganistan

She chose from my archives, ten or so of my plein air nocturnes to use in the CD entitled, "All Through the Night".

This painting was from my first solo museum exhibition in 2004 at the Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard. It is of an old bus I found one night in the back roads of La Conchita California. When I saw it, it looked like an alien face, or a hockey mask.
It was so odd that I had to capture it.

One year after I painted this painting there was a tremendous landslide in the distance where the last two street lights are seen. They, along with about fourteen residents from La Conchita, perished in the slide.

Now the face on the Back of the Bus looks morose.

Coming events cast their shadows?

Back of the Bus Nocturne
28x28 oil/canvas 2003

Collection of Ann Sanders and Gerry Winnet.